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Today I am posting my review of A Simple Amish Christmas by Vannetta Chapman.

A Simple Amish Christmas was the first novel I read by Vannetta Chapman (more than two years ago). I began reading it on my iPhone after checking out a digital copy of it from the public library… and I immediately fell in love with it!

Here’s a brief synopsis:

Will Annie find acceptance in the Amish community she left behind?

Annie Weaver always planned to return home, but the 20-year old RN has lived in Philadelphia for three years now.

As her time of rumschpringe is about to come to an abrupt end, bringing for Annie an overwhelming sense of loneliness.

She returns home and finds herself face-to-face with a budding romance with an Amish farmer and important choices to make.



Vannetta puts so much “character” in her characters!

I wasn’t surprised in the least when Annie immediately gave up her job and returned home when she heard of her father’s accident and that she was needed. I laughed and laughed at how Samuel treated her… having no idea that she was professionally trained, since she was too stubborn to admit to him that she knew exactly how to care for her father.

Once you realize what is happening between Annie and Samuel, it’s easy to see why they both resist their feelings. And of course, there’s another suiter to take into consideration, whom Annie seems pretty fond of. Which one will she choose?

I don’t want to give away anything else, so I’ll let you read the book for yourself.

When I read A Simple Amish Christmas, I had to wait three years for the sequel, The Christmas Quilt to be published. Now you can read them both — one right after the other — and hopefully, you’ll be just as delighted as I am, when I read them!

Happy Reading!

And Merry Christmas!


God bless you!

Review © 2016 DJ Mynatt



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2 thoughts on “A Simple Amish Christmas | Vannetta Chapman

  1. Gail Hollingsworth December 15, 2016 at 8:10 am

    Vannetta Chapman writes great books so this one I’m sure is a winner.

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  2. Mari December 15, 2016 at 8:21 am

    Wonderful! Another Christmas book to read. Vannetta Chapman’s characters are always filled with character! Thank you for sharing.

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