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Today I am reviewing The Mitford Snowmen and Esther’s Gift: A Mitford Christmas Story by Jan Karon.

The Mitford Snowmen

Goodreads says: It’s Christmastime in Mitford, and everyone’s favorite characters are filled with holiday spirit. In The Mitford Snowmen, a swirling snowfall brings them to Main Street for a snowman-building contest complete with doughnuts, hot chocolate, and contagious good cheer. A charming small trim size and enchanting four-color illustrations make this the perfect way to visit Mitford—and gather a heart full of Christmas joy.

Esther’s Gift: A Mitford Christmas Story

Goodreads says: In Esther’s Gift, Esther Bolick is filled with the holiday spirit as she prepares to bake the annual batch of her famous-and utterly scrumptious-orange marmalade cakes. Right after Christmas Eve service at Lord’s Chapel, she and Gene will deliver a two-layer marmalade to each of seven friends and neighbors, all of them favorite Mitford characters. Then Gene calculates what it costs to bake this legendary cake, and Esther is stunned. Is it worth it to spend so much money on people who haven’t always measured up to her expectations? The answer is clear. She’ll cut her list back-way back.

This decision makes perfect sense until the lyrics of a Christmas carol steal into her heart, and help remind her what a gift really means.



I chuckled the whole time I was reading The Mitford Snowmen, as local shopkeepers, with help from Father Tim and Uncle Billy, compete to see who can win Mitford’s First Annual Snowman Jubilee. When Esther Cunningham, the mayor, gets involved, the fun continues.

Then I read Esther’s Gift (not to be confused with Esther Cunningham, the mayor). This short story is about Esther Bolick… the one who makes those famous orange marmalade cakes that everyone loves (and sent Father Tim into a sugar-induced coma)! When Esther asks her hubby Gene to figure out how much her 2-layer orange marmalade cakes cost to make, he includes her labor and the cost of the electricity and comes up with a whopping $43!

Esther and the others in this sweet little community will steal your heart, quickly making you a Father Tim fan (or perhaps a Jan Karon fan). Don’t miss out on these stores. They should be read not just once, but every Christmas… I know I will be reading them to my grandchildren soon.

Merry Christmas!

God Bless You!


Review © 2016 DJ Mynatt


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4 thoughts on “Christmas in Mitford | Jan Karon

  1. Gail Estes Hollingsworth December 17, 2016 at 11:02 am

    I just adore Mitford! I read the whole series a few years ago and the orange marmalade cake recipe was in one of them.

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    • DJ Mynatt December 20, 2016 at 7:51 am

      I LOVE this series… I have the hardbound books, plus I’ve begun to collect the ebooks (so I can read them anytime). Father Tim and Cynthia are two of my favorite characters – ever!


  2. missy2ell December 17, 2016 at 5:52 pm

    Sounds like good books, hope to get the chance to read them. I enjoy your blog, you have a fun way writing your reviews.

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