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Today I’m reviewing Somehow, Christmas Will Come by Peggy Blann Phifer.

Here is a brief synopsis:

When Molly Dugan’s best friend gets married and leaves St. Paul, Minnesota, to live in Georgia, Molly feels alone and plans a visit to her brother, Patrick, in Las Vegas.

Molly had been worried about him ever since his wife died in a tragic boating accident.

Grieving she could understand, but she sensed something deeper going on. And she was concerned about Patrick’s six-year-old daughter, Bethany.

So she sets aside her life in St. Paul to spend an indeterminate time in Vegas.

When Molly gets there, she finds more than she bargained on. And in the lead-up to Christmas, the situation only gets worse…. 6 year-old Bethany loses her last anchor.

How does Molly convince her that somehow, Christmas will come.



This is a great Christmas story!

If you get emotional like I do, have a box of tissues nearby when you read it; the author does a great job showing how Molly and her family deal with tragedy.

I’ll be honest; I never saw the second tragedy coming…

This is very similar to the Christmas stories that have you sobbing — just before the characters begin adjusting to it all — and life goes on.

If you’re looking for a good Christmas read this month, this would be a good choice.

You can purchase this in ebook format right now… and begin reading for yourself.

I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.


Merry Christmas!


God bless you!

Review © 2016 DJ Mynatt

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2 thoughts on “Somehow, Christmas Will Come | Peggy Blann Phifer

  1. Carolyn December 22, 2016 at 10:51 am

    Thank you for the review. Definitely sounds like a read with tissues close by. The cover is so adorable and can imagine Bethany will overcome all.

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  2. Gail Estes Hollingsworth December 22, 2016 at 2:22 pm

    Who could possible resist the cute little girl on the cover? Tear jerkers are hard to read but easier knowing all will be overcome.

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