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Today I am reviewing Sweet Serenade,the third book in the Riverbend Romance series by Valerie Comer.

Here is a brief synopsis:

River guide and canoe builder Reed Daniels stands by as his lifelong friends pair off.

After all, he’s waited this long for the right woman… what’s a little longer?

But when newcomer Carly shows up at the gang’s bonfire, he’s mesmerized.

Could she be the answer to his prayers?

Water-sport enthusiast Carly Thorbergsen is starting over in Riverbend.

Hired as a canoeing and hiking guide, she’s ready to focus on work and leave the personal stuff behind.

That is until the competition, Reed Daniels, offers her a ride in his cedar-strip canoe.

No resisting that!

But no matter how much they have in common, Carly can’t erase her past, and Reed is bound to discover the truth.

When a date finds Carly and Reed running rapids on the outside of the canoe, they come face to face with the real reasons their new relationship might capsize.


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Sweet, sweet story!

Reed Daniels watches his friends fall in love . . . will it ever happen to him?

Carly Thorbergsen just might be the one he’s been waiting for, but she’s not too terribly impressed with him when she meets him — and she has a few issues of her own that might just scare him off.

One tiny bit of spoiler… don’t expect to love Brittany — she’s the type that — well, I’ll leave this for now, so you can read it on your own. Who knows? You might like her (let me know if you do).

Valerie Comer writes wonderful romance stories! I just can’t seem to get enough of them. Thankfully, she keeps writing them (and I’ll keep reading them).

Happy Reading!

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