Introducing the CLEAN READS BOOK BOX Subscription service

JOIN Thousands of readers who get exciting NEW books in the mailbox each month!

What is different about our box? Well… let me tell you.

Each book is a CLEAN read! What do we mean when we say clean read, you may ask… Obviously everyone has a different definition of “clean”. What we can promise you is that the books will have NO strong language! NO Explicit sexual scenes! NO gore or descriptive violence!

Subscribe today!




I am very excited about this NEW venture and I hope you will check out the Facebook groups, follow here on the blog for NEWS and UPDATES, and maybe — just maybe — even decide to subscribe to the box yourself!

If you are a reader who is interested in following along this journey, check out this Facebook group!

If you are an author who is interested in submitting your book for consideration, check out this Group!


Watch here for NEWS and UPDATES. I will be revealing the monthly theme here! I will be hosting Giveaways here! And I will also posting SPECIAL information and un-boxing videos, so watch for those!


God Bless You!

~ Donna

Intro © DJ Mynatt 2017


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