Cowboys and Amish Girls | Thomas Nye


Today I am reviewing Cowboys and Amish Girls, found in Springs of Love, by Thomas Nye.


Here is a brief synopsis:

Cowboys and Amish Girls
Rodeo cowboy, Truman Gunderson, had never met an Amish girl.

Amish sisters, Faith, Hope, and Charity had yet to lay eyes on a real, live cowboy.

That is until Truman’s galloping horse crosses paths with Charity’s runaway buggy.

Truman is not the type to shy away from any challenge, but after he learns something about Faith, Hope, and especially Charity, he realizes that he has met his match.





When Truman Gunderson spots a runaway horse, he springs into action, chasing it down until he catches it–and lovely, young Charity.

And when he’s given a challenge, well, let’s just say he’s the perfect man for the job!

This is the first story that I have read by Thomas Nye, but I’m definitely looking forward to more! Pick up a copy of Springs of Love today!

Happy Reading!!!


God bless you!

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