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Today I am reviewing Memories of Mist, the third book in the Urban Farm Fresh  Romance series by Valerie Comer.

Here is a brief synopsis:

A conflict-avoiding teacher. A take-no-prisoners PTA mom. All that pulls them together is the gardening class he’s reluctantly teaching.

As memories linger in the past,
so dreams stretch toward the future.

Single mom Adriana Diaz isn’t about to let the new teacher derail the PTA’s hard work in securing a greenhouse and garden area for Bridgeview Elementary School, but taking matters into her own hands turns awkward when she realizes her attraction to the teacher.

Pro-level conflict-avoider Myles Sheridan finds himself against an entire community with his reluctance to incorporate gardening into his classes. The only thing that could make his situation worse is falling in love with the ringleader, whose child is his most difficult student and whose husband had died a hero.

How can Myles compete with the man from Adriana’s memories? He’s not the material champions are made of. Or is he?



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Adriana Diaz didn’t want to find herself attracted to Myles Sheridan. Myles Sheridan didn’t want to find himself attracted to Adriana Diaz. But this is exactly what happens when they meet. . .

Myles isn’t happy that Adriana wants him to include gardening in his second grade lesson plan. Not to mention her head-strong daughter, who’s in his class. And when another parent gets in the way, trouble is bound to follow.

I won’t say any more, so I don’t give away too much. If you haven’t started this series, start at the beginning with Promise of Peppermint and Secrets of Sunbeams. . . and read the entire series!

Memories of Mist is a terrific story — and one you shouldn’t miss.


God bless you!

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  1. Trixi April 11, 2018 at 12:55 pm

    Opposites attract are some of the best stories, aren’t they? Adds conflict and just the right amount of tension 🙂

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