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Today I am reviewing Better Than a Crown, the third book in the Christmas in Montana  Romance series by Valerie Comer.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Always a princess, never the queen.

Levi Esteban’s temp job as chef at Grizzly Gulch Resort in Helena, Montana, and caregiver for his niece, Shelby, would be perfect if it weren’t for the Miss Snowflake Christmas festivities.

Levi’s been against pageantry all his life and isn’t about to change his stance, regardless of his fascination with Shelby’s coach.

As a runner-up in 27 competitions, Heather Francis tries to teach young contestants there’s more to pageants than winning, even though her mother never got that memo.

It’s hard enough to focus and ignore the inner voice calling her a fraud without being attracted to the resort’s brooding temporary chef.

When Shelby’s parents’ trip is extended, Levi and Heather must join forces to care for her and pull off the pageant. Is there something better than a crown in their future?

Enjoy the rich heritage and innate charm of Helena, Montana, in this Christmas romance series celebrating all that winter and Christmas has to offer. This Christian contemporary romance series includes heart-warming stories of love and second chances as Marisa, Bren, and Heather discover love amid the glitz of beauty pageants.



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Heather doesn’t exactly make a great first impression. I can only imagine how painful it would be to drop an electric drill on my foot. . . ouch! I have broken a toe (on more than one occasion) and walking was nearly impossible without lots more pain than you’d expect.

Anyway, Levi comes to her rescue — and carries her off to his lair.

Just kidding. . . he carries her off to the lobby of the Grizzly Gulch Resort, where the owner is waiting to interview him for a temporary job as chef.

I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll be careful with details. We all have skeletons in our closets. . . and sometimes one or more will escape at the worst possible time, but Levi and Heather have several secrets that could potentially ruin their chances for a relationship.

Valerie Comer creates interesting, colorful characters — and the Christmas in Montana series is full of delightful characters! You truly won’t want to miss this final chapter in the series. Pick up a copy today and find out what happens next!

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