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Today I am reviewing Harvest of Love, the third book in the Garden Grown Romance series by Valerie Comer.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Hot on the heels of a failed relationship, Kenia Akers focuses on her bookstore along with granting her aging grandfather’s desperate desire to get his hands in the dirt through a program at Grace Greenhouse.

Reminding herself she’s on the rebound isn’t enough to keep her from falling for the hunky activities coordinator from Granddad’s facility.

Zane Russell is amazed that the fun-loving, pretty bookstore owner is attracted to him, a guy who’s not even in her league.

As their relationship deepens, he avoids explaining why he seems allergic to books. Admitting his failures has never been a good move in the past.

Will they find a way to let openness, trust, and acceptance blossom into a harvest of love?

About Arcadia Valley Romance

Welcome to Arcadia Valley, Idaho, where a foodie culture and romance grow hand-in-hand. Join my friends and me as we release a book every month set in Arcadia Valley. You’ll enjoy meeting old friends and making new ones as each of the six authors’ books intertwine with the previous stories in this Christian romance series. Get started with Romance Grows in Arcadia Valley and follow along at Arcadia Valley Romance dot com to make sure you don’t miss any installments!

Harvest of Love is the third full-length novel in the Garden Grown Romance series set in Arcadia Valley. It follows the novels Sprouts of Love and Rooted in Love. The series begins with a novella, “Sow in Love” that was introduced in Arcadia Valley Book 1, Romance Grows in Arcadia Valley. Get your copy today to spend more time at the Grace Greenhouse project!



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This might just be my favorite story by Valerie Comer. . . at least for now. We met Kenia Akers in the prequel to the Garden Grown Romance series, titled Sow in Love, when her brother met Joanna Kraus. In the story, we learn that Kenia’s allergic reactions keep her from working in the family business — Akers Garden Center — and instead works at her aunt’s bookstore.

When she meets Zane Russell, she’s intrigued with him. During an auction, he bids on a stack of books, only to give them away; he bids on a gift certificate for the bookstore, yet never buys anything. Obviously, he’s intrigued with her, too. But he has a secret. . . one he doesn’t want anyone to know about — especially Kenia.

Valerie Comer deals with some serious issues with great diplomacy. . . even with a delicate touch that is needed. It’s easy to see how much research the author put into the situation. As an avid reader, I was especially touched with this story. . . which is part of what makes it my favorite (for now).

If you’ve never read anything by Valerie Comer, this story would be a great start for you! Don’t miss this awesome story. . . series. .  author. . .

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