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Today I am reviewing Summer, the first story in the Faith, Love, and Fried Chicken series by Laura J. Marshall.

Here is a brief synopsis:


That’s what Jaycee has been saving for since high school.

With plans to leave rural Twain, Georgia, the “to where” and the “to what” have been the only questions stopping her.

Will her intentions change when Dash Matheson pulls her wandering heart in his direction?

Feel the summer heat of the Fourth of July in this southern series as Jaycee finds love.

Faith, Love and Fried Chicken includes four stories:
Book 1  Summer
Book 2  Fall
Book 3  Winter
Book 4  Spring



Marlene caught Dash eyeing Jaycee. Wiping the spot next to him, she slid a fresh paper placemat and napkin-wrapped silverware in front of the empty stool.

“Never gonna happen.”

He smiled confidently, a plan forming in his head. Turning to face the counter, he gave her a winning smile, “It’s only a matter of fried chicken.”

Marlene smiled at his answer, then raised an eyebrow.

“What’s only a matter of fried chicken?” Jaycee repeated. She came to stand near Dash with her hand on her hip.

He took a long pull on the pop and braced his two hands against the counter, turning and leaning over in his stool so his eyes were level with Jaycee’s.

“You and me,” he said slowly, letting his lips roll over the words as they carried to her on a breath and sank against the softness of her cheeks. Her beautiful light-green eyes narrowed and her full lashes fell in quick succession as she blinked rapidly.

“Y-you and me? And fried chicken?”

“That’s right, darlin’.”

“Don’t you darlin’ me, Dash. I know what comes after your ‘darlin’. Sure enough, I’m in your sights, but I’m leaving this town, not stayin’ and settin’ up a Mom and Pop with you.”

Marlene had wandered away once she saw Jaycee’s temper flare. Jaycee was but three inches from his face. His gaze lazed on her lips and then swiftly found her eyes again.

“Don’t let the future overwhelm the moment,” he whispered quietly. He reached for her hand, just running his thumb across the top of it and then let it go.



Jaycee and Dash are destined for fireworks!

Jaycee is determined to leave town and start a new life. . . I can identify with that, yet after a few years, I was more than ready to come back home. I can’t help but wonder if the same thing would happen to Jaycee, if she left home.

Dash Matheson is determined to convince Jaycee to stay — and begin her new life with him.  Is he serious about using fried chicken to talk her into staying?

These are such cute… cute… cute… stories! Do what I did; buy the series on Amazon and immerse yourself in the southern-ness that is Twain, Georgia.

Happy Reading!



Review © 2018 DJ Mynatt


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4 thoughts on “Summer | Laura J. Marshall

  1. Marilyn August 20, 2018 at 10:29 am

    This series sound like a fun one to read. Thank you for the review and wetting a reader’s appetite.


    • DJ Mynatt August 24, 2018 at 3:58 pm

      They’re really FUN reads!


  2. Trixi August 20, 2018 at 9:07 pm

    I happen to have this one on my Kindle, yet-to-be-read. Such a cute sounding story, I’ll need to move this up 😉 Thanks for your review, Donna.


    • DJ Mynatt August 24, 2018 at 3:59 pm

      You’re welcome.


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