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Today I am reviewing A Wedding at the Orange Blossom Inn, the third book in the Amish Brides of Pinecraft series by Shelley Shepard Gray.

Here is a brief synopsis:

In the third book in New York Times bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray’s Amish Brides of Pinecraft series, a wedding brings together two young widowed parents . . . and gives them a second chance at love.

Emma Keim was heartbroken when her husband, Sanford, passed away, leaving her to raise three young daughters alone.

Though several years have passed, her relatives have made it no secret that they expect Emma to remain a widow, mourning Sanford indefinitely.

But when she meets Jay Hilty — a handsome widower with three young sons of his own — Emma is delighted to have a new friend who understands her struggles.

Still, she is dismayed that her family is so opposed to their friendship — and the idea of it ever becoming anything more. She honors her husband’s memory every day, but is she destined to be alone forever?

Emma’s gentleness with Jay’s boys stirs something in his heart that’s been quiet for far too long. But when his oldest son becomes engaged to a local woman, suddenly Jay, Emma, and their children are swept up in wedding preparations.

Witnessing his son’s joy, Jay wonders if it’s time for him to move forward, too, and find happiness again.

Once again, love has come to Pinecraft. But can these two parties of four become a happy, healthy family of eight?




I really, really want to move to Pinecraft, Florida!

As a matter of fact, after reading this series, we are planning a trip to Pinecraft this year!

Pinecraft is noted for it’s Amish and Mennonite population — and I’m not Amish or Mennonite — but I really think I’d love living there among the plain people. My family has been adapting our lifestyle for several years, letting go of bits and pieces, hoping to adapt to a plainer life.

When I opened my mail and found A Wedding at the Orange Blossom Inn, I immediately began reading it –- and didn’t stop until I reached the end! It’s an easy read… mostly because it’s interesting, and portrays a story that seems real. Of course, I know it’s fiction – but I enjoy pretending…

The characters in this sequel are delightful! Emma Keim and Jay Hilty have both lost their spouses; they both have three children –- Emma has three daughters and Jay has three sons -– and to marry would make life easier for everyone involved.

Unfortunately, in a strange turn of events, Emma’s parents -– and in-laws –- all want Emma to stay single –- to honor her husband’s memory. Or is there another reason?

You’ll love this story… Shelley Shepard Gray writes awesome Amish romances!

Don’t miss this amazing series!


God bless you!

Review © 2018 DJ Mynatt

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2 thoughts on “A Wedding at the Orange Blossom Inn | Shelley Shepard Gray

  1. Jill Oosterhof October 18, 2018 at 9:50 am

    Need To Write More Books About Pine Craft As I’ve Read Them All. Have Visited There Many Times As I Had Lived About 1 1/2 Hours Away. Loved The Big Vegetable Market & Yoders Rest.

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    • DJ Mynatt October 18, 2018 at 10:22 am

      I’m actually planning a trip there this year. It’ll be my first time visiting Pinecraft. Next year Naomi Miller is writing a book about Pinecraft!


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