Finding a Plain Christmas | Laura J Marshall, Amos Wyse



Today I am reviewing Finding a Plain Christmas, a wonderful Christmas story by Amos Wyse & Laura J Marshall.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Kirsten Bergman, writer for Harrisburg Magazine, is busy checking off the boxes on her Christmas lists.

Her boss and secret crush, Richard Collins, unexpectedly assigns her to a story in Amish country, which seems like he’s setting her up for failure.

But is he actually giving her the greatest gift of all?



You’re gonna love this Christmas story…

Kirsten Bergman reminded me of myself — and how I love to make lists, and decorate for the holiday, and buy the perfect gifts for loved ones, and plan Christmas parties. When she’s assigned a story by her editor, Richard Collins, about how the Amish celebrate Christmas, she heads to Amish country. What she finds is no help at all!!!

No Christmas trees… no decorations… no parties… no Santa…

What will she do? She has no idea how — or what — to write about the holiday.

With Richard’s help, she learns how to enjoy Amish Country… and Christmas — in a different, better way. Oh my goodness! I loved this story!

Happy Reading!


God Bless You!


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