February 2019 | JC Morrows, Macy Morrows


I am honored to feature  JC MORROWS and MACY MORROWS
on my bookshelf blog this month



JC and MACY have graciously offered to sponsor a surprise giveaway…




     For a chance to win, do the following:

1) follow JC on Facebook HERE

2) follow MACY on Facebook HERE

3) follow JC on Instagram HERE

4) follow MACY on Instagram HERE


Donna’s BookShelf is featuring JC Morrows & Macy Morrows this month – Tweet this!




Marathon © 2019 DJ Mynatt



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2 thoughts on “February 2019 | JC Morrows, Macy Morrows

  1. carylkane February 2, 2019 at 7:07 pm

    Following JC and Macy on Facebook. I don’t use Instagram. Donna, Thank you for featuring the Morrows! 🙂

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