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Today I am reviewing A Match Made in Williamstown, one of three stories in The Matchmakers, by Jean C. Gordon.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Ellie Alexander is in love. And the only thing sweeter would be if Libby, Natalie, and Stephanie, her three unmarried, unattached granddaughters, could find the same happiness. Maybe with a little help from her and her beau Blake Parker . . .

Libby Schuyler has avoided dating since her break-up with college-sweetheart Jack Parker. Out of nowhere, Jack shows up claiming Ellie is swindling his grandfather, Blake, through a travel agency partnership they’ve formed.

Libby and Jack team up to protect their grandparents and get to the bottom of Ellie and Blake’s business and romantic relationship. While Libby and Jack fight their reignited attraction, Ellie and Blake conspire to bring the two together.




I wasn’t sure what to expect. . . and I found myself completely entertained. I was happy for Ellie, who found a special friend in Blake, at a time when they can appreciate their new relationship. And, of course, she wants her three granddaughters to find the same love and contentment that she and Blake have found. . . if she can just find the perfect matches for each of them.

Libby hasn’t really been able to get over her first love. Ellie and Blake use this to try and bring Libby and Jack together again — hoping this time true love will conquer all. Reading this story, I could just imagine  how heart-broken they both were when they broke up — and I hoped they could put the past behind them and make a future together.

I won’t say anything more, lest I spoil it for you, but I think you’ll love getting to know the characters in A Match Made in Williamstown. They’re funny, loving, compassionate, adventurous, and kind. I’d love to plan my next vacation to visit Williamstown!

Happy Reading!



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