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Today I am reviewing A Mom For His Daughter, a Love Inspired story by Jean C. Gordon.

Here is a brief synopsis:

A Dad’s Second Chance

Widowed single dad Marc Delacroix doesn’t have time for surprises—especially one like Fiona Bryce. Finding out that she’s the biological aunt of his adopted daughter, Stella, is a big shock.

While Fiona’s commitment to the little girl appears to be genuine, Marc wonders if he can truly trust her—or his own heart, which he vowed never to risk again.

Fiona’s eager to connect with the sweet young niece she never knew she had, but Marc seems determined to keep her at arm’s length. Could Marc and Fiona’s shared love of Stella be the bond that transforms their fragile connection into a real family?




I totally understood Marc wanting to help his young adopted daughter to feel comfortable around other children. . . and his reluctance to include the child’s aunt in his daughter’s life. It’s difficult to trust — especially after you lose the people closest to you.

But of course when Marc and Fiona develop feelings for one another, we’re all rooting for them! After all, they both experienced so much pain and loss, and they certainly deserved a happily ever after story!

And I loved how Marc — and Fiona — push beyond their own comfort zones to do what was best for young Stella, even though Marc’s own mother discouraged him. Thank goodness his sister was there to encourage him to do the right thing.

Don’t miss this sweet story of happily ever after!

Happy Reading!



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    I enjoyed reading this book by Jean
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