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Today I am reviewing Samson & Amish Delilah by Thomas Nye.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Entertaining. Endearing. Unexpected.

A story of clashing cultures, hearts laid bare, and the power of forgiveness.

Delilah steps out of the pages of a bestselling Amish novel and into the real world. When media giants discover that she’s alive and well, the race to find her is on. A young man named Dave sets out with inside information, hoping to get to her first and cash in. He’s as surprised as everybody that there’s more than one Amish Delilah—how can he be sure that he’s found the right girl?

Dave searches the pages of the novel to be certain he has the right Delilah. Real life begins to merge with fiction and Dave suddenly realizes that he has fallen into the story and become Samson. Worse yet, he fears he is on a collision course with the novel’s wild ending.

Cultures collide as big media comes face-to-face with Amish family values. Dave and Delilah are caught in a vice between the two worlds. Will they sell out for the almighty dollar?

People from all walks of life will find themselves connecting with Samson and Delilah’s heartwarming, page-turning, story of friendship, redemption, and hope.



When Dave sets out to find the Amish girl who was the inspiration for a best-selling novel, he expects to find that she’s a local celebrity. Instead, he finds a sweet, young girl who wants nothing to do with the English world. But when media crews show up, it seems obvious that his search for her has been noticed by others.

Fearing the worst, he chooses to help Delilah escape from the media rather than collect the hefty fee he’s been offered by a media mogul, so he agrees to drive Delilah and her young brother Earl to Iowa to stay with their relatives.

Now, I could say a lot about the very colorful characters in this story… and the interesting conversations Dave, Delilah, and Earl have… and the ending… but I really think you should read this for yourself. There’s just too much to try to put it in a nutshell — not to mention, I hate giving away spoilers — and you’ll truly enjoy it more if you read it.

So grab a copy, sit back, and enjoy!

Happy Reading!



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  1. Marilyn R September 18, 2019 at 9:04 am

    Samson and Amish Delilah was an amazing story that everyone needs to read. Thank you for sharing your nice review without spoilers.

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