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Today I am reviewing The Abbott Creek Cookbook by Naomi Miller.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Katie and her friends in Abbott Creek enjoy cooking . . . and baking, and they would like to share some of their favorite recipes with you.

They have gathered the best and most delicious recipes to be found in Abbott Creek, and added in some fun extras to go along with them. That way, you can enjoy reading about your favorite characters while you enjoy their favorite treats.

If you have read the stories that follow Katie and her friends, you will recognize many of the recipes within. However, we have also added a few you haven’t seen in the books. With any luck, you will find some new favorites to go along with the ones you already have–and love.

Either way . . . whether or not you have read the Amish Sweet Shop Mystery series or not, we sincerely hope you enjoy the recipes within this book.



If you enjoy reading Amish fiction stories, you’ll enjoy reading The Abbott Creek Cookbook. And if you enjoy baking Amish treats, you’re gonna LOVE The Abbott Creek Cookbook!

Not only does this book share a little of each book from the Amish Sweet Shop Mystery series, but it shares each of the recipes included in the sox books, plus a whole lot more. And the author does a great job of including bits and pieces of the characters in the books to make her cookbook more interesting.

The Abbott Creek Cookbook has released just in time to make a great Christmas gift… so order a copy for yourself — and a friend (or two… or more) and prepare a few of the recipes to share with family and friends during the next few weeks. Check out the links below to purchase this book.

Happy Reading!

and Merry Christmas!


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  1. Trixi December 15, 2019 at 10:07 am

    I have not read the Sweet Shop mysteries but I do love finding new recipes to bake up this time of year! You certainly can’t beat Amish baking. The cookbook sounds perfect for me, I’ll have to get a copy for myself 🙂

    Thanks for featuring “The Abbott Creek Cookbook” on your blog!

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