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Plain Wisdom by Cindy Woodsmall

A perfect choice for anyone wanting to learn how the Amish really live…

PlainWisdomFrom GoodReads:
Two friends from different worlds—one Old Order Amish, one Englischer—share the truths that bring them together.

Best-selling novelist Cindy Woodsmall might seem to have little in common with Miriam Flaud, a woman immersed in the culture of Old Order Amish. But with nine children and almost 60 years of marriage between them, Cindy and Miriam both have found the secrets to facing life with strength and grace. Whether enduring financial setbacks, celebrating new babies and times of prosperity, grieving the crushing losses in the deaths of family and friends, or facing disappointments with their respective communities—through it all they find guidance for each day by looking to God.

With poignant recollections, unexpected insights, and humorous tales, the two women welcome you into their unique friendship.  You’ll also gain a rare glimpse into the traditions and ways of the Amish as Miriam recalls special occasions and shares family recipes throughout the book.

Plain Wisdom is a heartwarming celebration of God, womanhood, and the search for beauty that unites us all. So grab your cup and your quilt and settle in for a soul-comforting read with Plain Wisdom.


It was so cool to read what I felt was truly how an Amish family live… and interact with one another.

So many books have stories about how the Amish are teased or made fun of in public. Miriam shares a wonderful story of how they stopped once at a small diner – it appeared to be no more than an enclosed front porch – but the food, and the experience, turned out to be pretty awesome!

Another favorite story shared is the one about the rickety table, which broke in half, spilling the food. Although Miriam’s husband, Daniel, told her to buy a new table, which made her very happy, Miriam kept putting it off. Because of all the memories from using it over the past twenty-five years, Miriam dreaded giving it up. Thankfully, a friend helped to restore it to new condition.

I would heartily recommend this book.

You can read more about this book at GoodReads? HERE and you can read more about the author Cindy Woodsmall on her website HERE.

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