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Wishes on Wildflowers | Valerie Comer



Today I am reviewing Wishes on Wildflowers, the fourth book in the Urban Farm Fresh  Romance series by Valerie Comer.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Jasmine Santoro’s relationship with her older brother has never been great, but when she discovers he’s contracted Nathan Hamelin to help with their new family venture, she’s furious. She’s never forgiven her former boyfriend for dumping her and fleeing to L.A. eight years ago.

Nathan thought he was well over Jasmine. They were only kids back then, clearly too young for a committed relationship. Now his hopes to turn animosity to friendship blossom into more when he finds himself falling in love with Jasmine all over again. But when problems heat up with her brother, Nathan must decide if he’ll expose his past and risk losing her for good.

Are Jasmine’s growing feelings strong enough to remind her grace is needed for life and love?

The Urban Farm Fresh Romance series follows the adventures, romantic and otherwise, of a group of friends in the fictional neighborhood of Bridgeview in Spokane, Washington. A Christian romance series, these urban farming stories explore what an urban community focused on local food might look like: raising goats, chickens, and bees in the heart of the city while sharing in food projects and engaging in each others’ lives through community gardens and permaculture. Each story stands alone.



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Jasmine Santoro fell in love with Nathan Hamelin and thought they’d marry and live happily every after. However, when Nathan realized how serious Jasmine was, he left Washington and moved to California! Oh sure, he switched colleges and tried to tell himself it was a good move for his career, but the truth was, he got scared and ran! Now he’s back — and Jasmine wants nothing to do with him.

I can’t say much more; I don’t want to give everything away, but let me assure you, the characters are colorful and the drama is nonstop!

Don’t miss this exciting sequel in the Urban Farm Fresh Romance series!

Happy Reading!


God bless you!

Review © 2018 DJ Mynatt



Memories of Mist | Valerie Comer



Today I am reviewing Memories of Mist, the third book in the Urban Farm Fresh  Romance series by Valerie Comer.

Here is a brief synopsis:

A conflict-avoiding teacher. A take-no-prisoners PTA mom. All that pulls them together is the gardening class he’s reluctantly teaching.

As memories linger in the past,
so dreams stretch toward the future.

Single mom Adriana Diaz isn’t about to let the new teacher derail the PTA’s hard work in securing a greenhouse and garden area for Bridgeview Elementary School, but taking matters into her own hands turns awkward when she realizes her attraction to the teacher.

Pro-level conflict-avoider Myles Sheridan finds himself against an entire community with his reluctance to incorporate gardening into his classes. The only thing that could make his situation worse is falling in love with the ringleader, whose child is his most difficult student and whose husband had died a hero.

How can Myles compete with the man from Adriana’s memories? He’s not the material champions are made of. Or is he?



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Adriana Diaz didn’t want to find herself attracted to Myles Sheridan. Myles Sheridan didn’t want to find himself attracted to Adriana Diaz. But this is exactly what happens when they meet. . .

Myles isn’t happy that Adriana wants him to include gardening in his second grade lesson plan. Not to mention her head-strong daughter, who’s in his class. And when another parent gets in the way, trouble is bound to follow.

I won’t say any more, so I don’t give away too much. If you haven’t started this series, start at the beginning with Promise of Peppermint and Secrets of Sunbeams. . . and read the entire series!

Memories of Mist is a terrific story — and one you shouldn’t miss.


God bless you!

Review © 2018 DJ Mynatt


Butterflies on Breezes | Valerie Comer



Today I am reviewing Butterflies on Breezes, the second book in the Urban Farm Fresh Romance series by Valerie Comer.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Like a butterfly on a summer breeze, love rarely lands where it’s expected.

Working for her dad’s landscaping business stifles Linnea Ranta.

When she’s invited to design and build a community garden with an intriguing master carpenter, she seizes the chance to unfurl her wings, but at what expense to her heart?

Logan Dermott eases back his flirting when he senses Linnea’s fragility, but she has more backbone than he suspected.

As they work together, Logan finds he’s falling for her, but it may be too late to win her love.

Will Linnea break free of her chrysalis and fly away before Logan realizes what he almost had?


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Great story!

Linnea Ranta wants to spread her wings, but it’s not so easy when you work for your dad. I know; I worked for my dad for awhile after I graduated high school. He expected me to get the work done, but he also treated me more like family at times, rather than an employee . . . this can be a good thing — or a not-so-good thing.

Logan Dermott, who we met in Secrets of Sunbeams (book one), is a master carpenter and plays the piano at his church (my favorite instrument is the piano). Logan is surprised to find himself falling for Linnea, but would it — could it — work out for them? Maybe.

Maybe not. Linnea has a lot of growing up to do. And relationships are a big step — and a lot of hard work. If you’re curious about what happens, do what I did . . . read the book and find out. It’s a lovely story — one you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Valerie Comer continues to bless readers with her wonderful books!

Happy Reading!


God bless you!

Review © 2018 DJ Mynatt


Secrets of Sunbeams | Valerie Comer



Today I am reviewing Secrets of Sunbeams, the first book in the Urban Farm Fresh Romance series by Valerie Comer.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Good fences make good neighbors… especially if your neighbor is a goat.

Eden Andrusek knows she should have fixed her fence last week.

It’s too bad her runaway goat makes a less-than-ideal first impression on her new neighbor, who turns out to be cute, brilliant… and a little uptight.

Solar architect Jacob Riehl is furious when he returns outside to find a goat eating his presentation.

As someone who likes everything in its place, he has little sympathy for a farm animal in the city or its tattooed owner, but there’s something about the lovely Eden that captures his attention.

What will it take to win over a man whose only pet was a goldfish?

And how long can Jacob and Eden go without addressing the goat in the room?


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What a cute story!

Eden Andrusek and her pet goat Pansy are two of my favorite new characters!

Jacob Riehl is less than thrilled when Pansy gets into his yard, attempting to eat anything in sight, including his coveted plans. Even when he starts spending time with Eden, he just can’t get used to having a goat around.

Will Eden choose Pansy over Jacob? You’ll have to read the whole story to find out. It’s a really great story and one I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Valerie Comer has delighted me as a reader . . . she’s written a new series, while including some of the characters from her Farm Fresh Romance series.

Happy Reading!


God bless you!

© 2018 DJ Mynatt


Promise of Peppermint | Valerie Comer



Today I am reviewing Promise of Peppermint, an intro to the Urban Farm Fresh Romance series by one of my favorite authors, Valerie Comer.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Will fear choke out a second chance at love?

When Wade Roper discovers the woman who fled from his proposal four years before now lives in his new neighborhood, he believes God is offering a second chance to win her love.

He vows to take it as slow as she needs but, this time, he won’t let her get away.

Rebekah Jackson’s fears run deep since a traumatic incident in her youth.

If perfect love casts out fear, then what she’d felt for Wade couldn’t have been love. Seeing him again brings all her longings and fears back to the surface.

Can she put her trust in him and in the God who loves them both? Because, while second chances are rare, third chances are all but unheard of.


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Promise Of Peppermint is a sequel to the short story Peppermint Kisses . . . and a prequel to the Urban Farm Fresh Romance series!

I loved this quick read! It’s awesome!

It’s always enjoyable to visit with familiar characters, such as Rebekah and Wade, who are featured in this story. Valerie’s stories are a blessing, with helpful — and healthful — references to locally grown food. This novella connects Valerie’s Farm Fresh romances and her new Urban Farm Fresh Romances.

Happy Reading!


God bless you!

Review © 2018 DJ Mynatt


APRIL 2018 MARATHON | Valerie Comer


I am honored to feature  VALERIE COMER on my bookshelf blog this month






Valerie has graciously offered to sponsor a surprise giveaway…




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Grand Prize Winner | Valerie Comer Marathon







I will be contacting you via e-mail
to let you know what you need to do to collect your grand prize.

THANK YOU to everyone for entering!


God bless you!

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