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I have some exciting news to share!


First, I have the distinct pleasure of sharing some exciting information about the first book in JC’s upcoming urban fantasy series…

Book 1 of the Andarii Chronicles



From the back cover:


This is not a story you want to miss; this book, or any book of this series. It’s a story that spans galaxies, involves multiple peoples, and it will reveal a destiny that no one saw coming.

No prophecy brought her here. No ancient oracle foretold her coming. No ancient tablet spoke about the role she is destined to fill. But life and fate brought her where she needs to be to save more than one planet.


While we wait for more information, please add this book to your GOODREADS shelf!




And JC has graciously agreed to share with you some hints about other projects, upcoming series, and works-in-process. . .


Also slated to release in 2018 is a story about an alien and the one she is connected to. You may have seen updates during November. JC did not win NaNoWriMo this year, but she did get a good start on LINKED – book 1 of the NEW Across the Void series.

She is also busily working on a time travel story, a dragon series and she is co-authoring a story with her daughter Macy.

Exciting things coming.


Thank You!


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I am honored to feature JC MORROWS on my bookshelf blog.


JC has graciously offered to sponsor a giveaway…




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