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An Angel By Her Side | Ruth Reid Marathon

Today I’m reviewing An Angel By Her Side, the third book in the Heaven on Earth series by the amazing Ruth Reid.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Katie has lived through tragedy and heartache. But with the angel Elias by her side, the best years of her life are just ahead.

When Katie Bender’s fiance died in a tragic accident, so did her hope of finding love. Though heartbroken, Katie is also practical. In the years since the accident she has discovered her gift for teaching.

But when a tornado destroys her small Amish settlement, including the schoolhouse, Katie doesn’t know how she will provide for herself.

Seth Stutzman arrived in Hope Falls days before the storm. And when he helps usher Katie and the children to safety, sparks fly. But Seth is only in town to help his brother, Amos, get back on his feet following the death of his wife. He can’t afford to have feelings for Katie.

Rebuilding the community is a huge task, and soon, Katie and Seth are working side by side. As they privately wrestle with their feelings for each other, another silent–and ultimate–battle for their hearts rages unseen.

Sworn to protect what God has ordained, the mighty angel Elias appears to them as a mysterious visitor. And with his guidance, Katie and Seth find the courage to take the first small steps toward the life, and love, they were destined for.


When Katie Bender’s fiancé dies in a tragic accident, so does her hope of finding love…

We were introduced to Katie in the first book of this series, The Promise of an Angel. In the second book, Brush of Angel’s Wings, we get to know Katie just a bit more. And in this book, Katie has set aside the idea of marriage and has settled in as teacher for the community schoolhouse.

When a tornado destroys much of the small Amish settlement, including the schoolhouse, Seth Stutzman comes to the aid of teacher Katie and her students. Although Seth had arrived just days before to help his brother after the death of his sister-in-law, he feels compelled to stay and help with the rebuilding of the community. With an angel’s guidance, can Katie and Seth find the courage to begin a life together?

As Amos finally turns his heart back towards God, he hears the angel’s words – and cries out to God!

Ruth Reid does a superb job showing how an evil spirit whispered negative thoughts to Seth’s brother Amos, causing him to stay angry and discouraged… and she shows how God is watching over this community and sends an angel to combat the demon – at the appropriate time.

Ruth’s characters are true-to-life, and believable; I found myself getting attached to them. The story kept a tight grip on me and I identified easily with the angry and discouraging thoughts that we all tend to face at times, as well as the encouragement that comes when we need it most. Ruth wrote a most enlightening series with angelic and demonic spirits – one that I will not soon forget.

I wept as I read this heart-warming story; so thankful that there are books available to encourage us… Read this book with a box of tissues nearby; you’ll need them!

I will definitely recommend this series to everyone.


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Heaven on Earth (series) | Ruth Reid Marathon

Introducing the . . .


Ruth Reid - Heaven on Earth 1B

Ruth Reid - Heaven on Earth 2B

Ruth Reid - Heaven on Earth 3B

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February 2015 MARATHON | Ruth Reid


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