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Oh Little Town of Sugarcreek | Amy Lillard




Today I am reviewing Oh Little Town of Sugarcreek, a Sugarcreek Amish Mystery by Amy Lillard.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Christmastime has come to Sugarcreek, but the sleepy Ohio town is anything but calm. Cheryl Cooper expected a quiet holiday season, filled with new friends and new traditions.

Instead, Lance Martin, her ex-fiance shows up and proposes again! Then, one of her aunt’s heirlooms turns up missing, followed by the disappearance of the engagement ring Lance intended for her.

When the Millers’ estranged daughter Sarah leaves her Englisch husband and returns home, Cheryl finds herself wondering what more could happen to spoil her Christmas cheer?

A lot, evidently. The town is turned upside down as it discovers there’s a thief in their midst.

But when fingers are pointed at Levi Miller, Cheryl doesn’t want to believe her friend might be guilty. Can she find the real criminal in time to bring back the joy of her first Christmas in Sugarcreek?



Even when it’s not Christmas time, I’m always in the mood for a great Christmas read — and O Little Town of Sugarcreek is a GREAT Christmas story!

Cheryl Cooper has her hands full — literally — when her ex-fiance shows up and proposes! Cheryl’s crazy cat has just knocked over a jewelry box full of antique heirloom jewels, and her engagement ring goes missing — just when her shop is full of customers!

Oh my!

Will Cheryl be able to find the missing jewels? Will she be able to resist Lance’s proposal?

Read the book. Just read it. I’m not giving anything else away… but if you enjoy mysteries — and lots of excitement — don’t miss this Sugarcreek Amish Mystery!

Amy Lillard writes wonderful Amish stories — and this one is full of unforgettable characters and non-stop action, from beginning to end. And the best part, is that Cheryl will be back in other stories.

Merry Christmas!


God bless you!

Review © 2018 DJ Mynatt


The Snow Globe | Laura V. Hilton



Today I am reviewing The Snow Globe by Laura V Hilton.

Here is a brief synopsis:

A Compassionate Young Woman…

Esther Beachy enjoys working for an elderly woman who is wheelchair bound. Her client, Anna Petersheim, is pleasant and tells captivating stories. Plus, her home is quiet and far more peaceful than Esther’s, with so many siblings.

She only dreads the day when Anna’s grandson, Viktor, will return from the river to take over the farm.

She and Viktor were classmates years ago, and he’d been an obnoxious flirt who paid attention to every girl but her.

A Toughened Riverboat Captain…

A seasoned riverboat captain, Viktor Petersheim has seen his share of trials. He left the Amish after the death of his parents and siblings in a house fire for which he still feels responsible.

Now, after years of working on the Mississippi River, he returns home to claim the farm he inherited from his grandparents and, hopefully, to repair some of the damaged relationships and broken hearts he left in his wake.

Love off the River…

When Viktor arrives home, it doesn’t take long for him and Esther to realize their mutual attraction. Even so, their relationship remains as tumultuous as a shaken snow globe, like the one Esther finds at a garage sale and gives to Viktor’s grandmother as a token of affection.

Viktor isn’t the only man with an eye on Esther, and soon it looks as if she’s ready to make a future with someone else. Will the two go their separate ways again? Or will the hand of God work something beautiful out of their angst and agitation?




The Snow Globe is, in my opinion, the best sort of novel to read…

The characters are likable and easy to relate to; they are loving and considerate… and they are interesting. Too many times I’ve read novels with characters I have nothing in common with, and they’re not appealing in the least; Laura Hilton excels at creating characters that appeal to her readers – readers of Amish fiction, especially Amish romance.

Of course, you can’t have a hero without a villain… but even so, he makes the book great; I just love reading about him getting what’s coming to him!

It’s too easy to picture quiet Esther taking care of Anna and Reuben, while waiting for Henry to propose. Then there’s Viktor… tall, handsome, self-assured, needing the love of a good woman, yet feeling as if he doesn’t deserve happiness. And don’t forget Henry, who seems to have feelings for another girl, but is determined to marry Esther.

Can Esther break through Viktor’s defenses? Or will she marry Henry?

I love the easy, comfortable relationship between Esther, Anna and Reuben. When Viktor comes home to help out, he’s not looking for a relationship, but the moment he meets Esther, he finds her unforgettable… and irresistible! This makes for a great romance novel.

Throw in my favorite genre – Amish fiction – add some fun, intrigue, angst, lies, jealousy and pain… and you have an exciting, memorable story! Don’t miss out on this wonderful novel.

Merry Christmas!

God Bless You!


Review © 2018 DJ Mynatt

A Christmas Coffee | Laura J Marshall



Today I am reviewing A Christmas Coffee, an inspirational Christmas Romance by Laura J. Marshall.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Villa Bellissimo along with Master Chef Antonia Coronada invite you to Sicily where you will be immersed in the art and passion of Italian culinary delights.

Sarah Cooper is still trying to find her place in the world after her husband died two years ago on Christmas Day. When her parents give her an early holiday gift, it may be just the opportunity she needs.

Parker Matrone is the founder and CEO of the billion dollar company, Coffee Grounds. There’s something about Sarah he can’t resist, but he’s been burned before and is now raising his two young sons alone.

Will they decide loving again is worth the risk? And what of the antique Christmas quilt beneath which Sarah dreams of Christmas’ past, present, and future?

Come explore Italy in this Christian Christmas romance where dreams do come true and life begins anew.




A Christmas Coffee doesn’t seem like the typical Christmas story at first, with joyous preparations for the holiday. Instead, it focuses on Sarah Cooper, who lost her husband two years ago on Christmas Day.

Well, it’s no wonder that she doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas! I wouldn’t want to, either.

When her parents send her to Italy to take a cooking class, she meets Parker Matrone, a man who is definitely NOT looking for a relationship. And the rest of the story… well, you’ll find out when you read it.

Happy Reading… and Merry Christmas!



Review © 2018 DJ Mynatt

A Christmas to Remember…



Today I am reviewing A Christmas to Remember, eight Christian romances celebrating the Gift of Christmas! first story in the Urban Farm Fresh  Romance series by Valerie Comer.

Here is a brief synopsis:

The Cowboy Santa program is supposed to be a chance to help his neighbors. When Kade Delgado’s ex-fiancée, now a single mom, shows up on his list, neither of them are thrilled. Is there any hope for a second chance at love?


Laugh, cry, and fall in love as you savor these brand-new Christmas romances from some of your favorite authors. Pair with a peppermint chai, hot chocolate, or your favorite wintry flavors, then snuggle down in front of the fireplace with a quilt over your lap… and maybe a purring cat!

Eight authors have joined together in this Christian romance collection that will leave you celebrating the gift of Christmas.

Until I Met You by award-winning author Kimberly Rose Johnson
After a difficult breakup, Brandi Prescott is taking a hiatus from men and focusing on her career, the Lord, and getting to know herself. Everything is going according to plan until one fateful, rainy morning in Seattle when a passing car drenches her and everything changes.

The Cowboy’s Christmas Reunion by USA Today bestselling author Valerie Comer
The Cowboy Santa program is supposed to be a chance to help his neighbors. When Kade Delgado’s ex-fiancée, now a single mom, shows up on his list, neither of them are thrilled. Is there any hope for a second chance at love?

Hope for Christmas by Elizabeth Maddrey
When he arrived at the ranch, he wasn’t sure what he was looking for. She wasn’t looking for anything beyond stability for her son. Christmas might be a season of hope, but do they dare risk everything for love?

Can’t Live without You by Ginger Solomon
Clarissa Harding’s fiancé’s betrayal doesn’t hurt as much as learning her best friend, Sawyer Chasin, knew his brother’s secret and didn’t tell her. The marriage would have been fake, but her feelings for Sawyer aren’t.

Beautiful Heart of His by Lindi Peterson
Two wrongs don’t make a right has never been more true. Will Mason’s past wrongs push Scarlett away or help her fall in love with him?

Restoring Christmas by Julie Arduini
Filled with grief and regret, Holly Christmas returns to Geneseo Valley and the family business, The Christmas Mansion. Can Kevin Holt restore her love for the season and the memories she left behind?

The Cowgirl’s Christmas Gift by Publishers Weekly bestselling author Deb Kastner
Cowgirl Maisey Gray knows horses, not six-year-olds. But when her socially-awkward, VR glasses-wearing neighbor needs help creating the perfect Christmas for his nephews, it’s up to Maisey to make sure Cam and the boys have a Christmas they’ll never forget.

Falling for Grace by Janet W. Ferguson
Grace Logan needs a place to pick herself up now that her ex is marrying her former best friend. Grief drives Seth Gibbs to his family’s vacation home, and three years later, he has no plans to leave. Until Grace falls into his life.




Laugh, cry, and fall in love with these eight wonderful, brand-new Christmas romances from some of your favorite authors.

Kimberly Rose Johnson, Valerie Comer, Elizabeth Maddrey, Ginger Solomon, Linda Peterson, Julie Arduini, Deb Kastner, and Janet W. Ferguson help this season to shine with love and excitement with stories to celebrate the gift of Christmas!

Don’t miss out on this wonderful collection of stories in one compilation… to read this Christmas!

Click the picture below to get your copy today from Amazon…

Happy Reading!


God bless you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Review © 2018 DJ Mynatt


The Christmas Scrapbook | Philip Gulley




Today I am posting my review of The Christmas Scrapbook by Philip Gulley.

Here is a brief synopsis:

It’s autumn in Harmony, and Pastor Sam Gardner has vowed to be ready for Christmas.

Determined to redeem a dreadful history of gift giving, Sam enrolls in a scrapbooking class to make a Christmas gift his wife will never forget.

However, Sam’s absence from their home every Wednesday night, coupled with his fishy alibi of attending a men’s group, raises her suspicions.

Meanwhile, Sam struggles in the class and must attempt to complete his project with only the help of his faithful secretary, Frank.

As Christmas fast approaches and rumors of Sam’s Wednesday night absences swirl along with the snow, a series of mishaps leads to a Christmas no one will soon forget.



Philip Gulley is an amazing author… funny, quirky, and sometimes almost “too” true to life! I’m crazy about his Harmony Series about a Quaker minister — Sam Gardner and how he relates to family, his church, and his life.

Gulley has written the Home to Harmony series and it is one of my favorites! I can identify many of the characters with people from my own past and present life. I usually grab a hankie — just to wipe the tears from all the laughter when reading his books.

The Christmas Scrapbook is an 89-page novella that would be a quick read, except that I laugh so much I cry and keep reaching for tissues to dry my eyes.

The trouble begins in September, when Sam tells his wife he joined a men’s group, when the truth is he joined a class to make a scrapbook for his wife’s Christmas gift.

Several clues (and help from friends) lead his wife to believe that he is either cheating on her . . . or dying!

Read about the trouble Sam has with Dale Henshaw’s progressive Nativity scene, Mrs. Gruber, plus an absolute disaster with scissors and superglue. Thankfully it all works out.

Read the story this month… you’ll be glad you did.

God bless you!

Merry Christmas!


Review © 2018 DJ Mynatt

A Christmas Gift for Rose | Tricia Goyer





Today I am posting my review of A Christmas Gift for Rose by Tricia Goyer.


Here is a brief synopsis:

Rose turned her back on the man she loves after he assisted the Englisch during World War II—only to discover she’s an Englischer herself.

Born in the midst of the hardships of The Great Depression, Rose grew up in Berlin, Ohio, in the arms of a loving Amish family.

But she is overwhelmed by self-doubt when she learns that she was born Englisch and abandoned when her family moved West in search of work.

Was she meant to be Amish or would she have been better off growing up with her own kind—Englischers? When the man she loves leaves her behind,

Rose is certain he left for good. Yet Rose discovers sometimes our greatest gifts are the ones we fear.



I typically avoid books about war but I’m really glad I picked this one to read! I love Christmas stories and this will be a welcome addition to my collection. This is An Amish historical novel dealing with the effects on families from World War 2.

It’s a wonderful story. There is conflict and resolution. The characters and the story are both completely believable.

It took lots of twists and turns that I did not see coming. That’s always a good thing. Too many books these days are absolutely predictable. This one is not. It’s great!

This story is truly a wonderful, inspiring story.

Happy Reading — and Merry Christmas!


God bless you!

Review © 2018 DJ Mynatt

Finding a Plain Christmas | Laura J Marshall, Amos Wyse



Today I am reviewing Finding a Plain Christmas, a wonderful Christmas story by Amos Wyse & Laura J Marshall.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Kirsten Bergman, writer for Harrisburg Magazine, is busy checking off the boxes on her Christmas lists.

Her boss and secret crush, Richard Collins, unexpectedly assigns her to a story in Amish country, which seems like he’s setting her up for failure.

But is he actually giving her the greatest gift of all?



You’re gonna love this Christmas story…

Kirsten Bergman reminded me of myself — and how I love to make lists, and decorate for the holiday, and buy the perfect gifts for loved ones, and plan Christmas parties. When she’s assigned a story by her editor, Richard Collins, about how the Amish celebrate Christmas, she heads to Amish country. What she finds is no help at all!!!

No Christmas trees… no decorations… no parties… no Santa…

What will she do? She has no idea how — or what — to write about the holiday.

With Richard’s help, she learns how to enjoy Amish Country… and Christmas — in a different, better way. Oh my goodness! I loved this story!

Happy Reading!


God Bless You!


Review © 2018 DJ Mynatt


Amish Friends Christmas Cookbook | Wanda Brunstetter



Today I’m promoting the Amish Friends Christmas Cookbook by Wanda E. Brunstetter.

Here is a brief synopsis:

The must-have cookbook of the season is Wanda E. Brunstetter’s Amish Friends Christmas Cookbook—a brand new collection of holiday recipes and insights into Christmas celebrations direct from Amish homes.

You’ll also enjoy the addition of scriptures and common Amish sayings.

Surrounded by a beautiful lay-flat binding, this cookbook is the perfect holiday gift for yourself and friends.



The Amish Friends Christmas Cookbook is exactly what I have been wanting for Christmas… and I wanted to share it with you now — so you have more than enough time to pick out your favorite recipes to make this month!

The cookbook is broken down into groups: snacks and bites, breads and rolls, gifts from the kitchen, salads, main dishes and sides, sweets and desserts.

It has a brief history of the Amish and Mennonites, then goes on to describe an Amish Christmas, the most important holiday celebrated by the Amish church groups that do celebrations – a few very strict Old Order groups do not celebrate Christmas.

Wanda writes about the typical Amish school Christmas programs, and family traditions, including music and decorations.

But the most important tradition among the Amish is the day after Christmas, referred to as Second Christmas. This is the day for families to be with friends and extended family, and gifts are often exchanged.

Another tradition is Old Christmas… but I won’t say anything else about it… you can read about it in Wanda’s cookbook.


And if you’re looking for a great Christmas gift for friends… pick up a copy of Amish Friends Christmas Cookbook, a sweet addition to any cook’s library — just in time for Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

God Bless You!


Review © 2018 DJ Mynatt

The Cowboy’s Mixed-Up Matchmaker | Valerie Comer



Today I am reviewing The Cowboy’s Mixed-Up Matchmaker, the second story in the Montana Ranches Christian Romance series by Valerie Comer.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Friends don’t let friends turn thirty… single.

It’s been almost fourteen long years since two teens made a pact to marry each other if both remained single at thirty. But the nearer the time comes, the more Lauren Yanovich steps up her matchmaking game to let James off the hook. Not that he likely remembers.

James Carmichael has been waiting forever, praying Lauren will be waiting for him. But, just when the end is in sight, she begins dating someone else, and his hopes crumble.

What’s a cowboy to do when the love of his life insists they’re all wrong for each other?

About the Montana Ranches Christian Romance series

Welcome to Saddle Springs, the fictional western town that’s home to the Montana Ranches Christian Romance Series! Revel in the lush mountain scenery with rocky peaks, tumbling rivers, and peaceful lakes. Meet the cowboys who ride the ranges, mend fences, and are lassoed by romance in this new series by USA Today bestselling author Valerie Comer.




You are going to LOVE this new story from Valerie Comer!

James Carmichael has been waiting for the right moment to tell Lauren Yanovich that he loves her… has always loved her… but he doesn’t know how to tell her, so he’s waiting to honor the pact they made when they were sixteen years old.

He’s been waiting for fourteen years!

Meanwhile, Lauren is trying to set him up with someone — anyone — so he won’t feel obligated to marry her. After all, who wants to marry someone who because they promised to, but doesn’t love them. I couldn’t wait to see how this story finally ends… and how they somehow got the courage to do what they had to do — to have a happily-ever-after.

Don’t miss this exciting new series by Valerie Comer!

Happy Reading!


God bless you!

Review © 2018 DJ Mynatt

1. The Cowboy’s Christmas Reunion (available in A Christmas to Remember box set)
2. The Cowboy’s Mixed-Up Matchmaker

The Christmas Admirer | Laura V Hilton



Today I am reviewing The Christmas Admirer by Laura V. Hilton.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Benaiah Troyer has loved Susanna King for as long as he can remember, but when his parents died in an accident a year ago, he broke up with her—for her own good.

After all, he was now the sole caregiver for his three younger sisters. What woman would want to put up with that?

Still, against his better judgment, he can’t help leaving her a gift now and then, anonymously addressing her name in big block print, just to catch a smile.

Roses one month, maple syrup candy another; and maybe this time, something special for Christmas.

Susanna has never gotten over losing Benaiah, but now the clock is ticking. Her father is selling his glass-blowing business, remarrying in January, and moving to Iowa with his bossy wife-to-be.

Angry and frustrated, Susanna realizes she’s left with three options: one, go with Daed to his new home with a new mom; two, stay in Jamesport, Missouri, as an old maid; or, three, the best yet, flush out her mysterious secret admirer.

But how could she be with anyone else when her heart is still with Benaiah?




The Christmas Admirer is one of my favorite Amish Christmas novels. . .

Benaiah Troyer has this silly notion that it would be wrong to marry Susanna King after his parents die and he is left to raise his sisters. Of course, if she had known the reason, she would have made him understand how silly his idea is. . . but he never tells her why he refuses to marry her.

In the meantime, Susanna is stuck between a rock and a hard place, when her dad plans to marry and move to Iowa with his new wife. Will Benaiah let her go? Will she give up and move away?

Laura has created a sweet community with well-developed, easy-to-love characters, along with a romance guaranteed to melt your heart. Don’t miss out on this wonderful novel.

Merry Christmas!


God bless you!

Review © 2018 DJ Mynatt



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