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Christmas Cookie Mystery | Naomi Miller



Today I am promoting Christmas Cookie Mystery… the second book in the Amish Sweet Shop Mystery series by Naomi Miller.

Here is a brief synopsis:

In the small town of Abbott Creek, mystery is as much a part of daily life as The Sweet Shop’s Christmas cookies.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and Katie Chupp is spending her days catering to the holiday rush. With everyone in town ordering special desserts and treats, will Katie be able to find time to finish making gifts for her family and friends?

With a winter chill settling in and Christmas right around the corner, no one would expect a mystery, but a mystery does indeed appear… when a certain dear family finds an unexpected package at their door.

And this is one mystery that may never be solved…




Christmas is my favorite holiday… and I want to share it with my readers.

Not only do I want to share some favorite recipes, but I want to share all the goodness and excitement and hope that Christmas brings to so many people.

I believe that Christmas Cookie Mystery tells a sweet story about the folks in the Abbott Creek community; not only their faith and forgiveness, but their resolve to help one another.

There are more than enough books to read about murder and mayhem, not to mention vampires and zombies. . . but sometimes we need a sweet story that gives us hope and faith.

The Amish Sweet Shop Mystery series has has been compared to the Nancy Drew series, and it’s perfect for young readers, but I’ve heard from many readers — young and old alike — who enjoy the stories.

I hope readers will pick up this book (and future books in the series) when they need something to distract them from sadness, worry, and doubt. I hope Christmas Cookie Mystery leaves them with a feeling of peace, love and joy!

Happy Reading!



God bless you!


Review © DJ Mynatt 2018

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