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Top 25 Authors of 2018





This was a VERY difficult list to create… first, I began gathering the names of all my favorite authors. After re-checking my bookcases and bookshelf blog, I found that I have well over 100 names! Now, this might not sound like a lot to some of you, but I was astounded that I had that many favorite authors – those whom I refuse to part with their books!

I began paring down… whew, that was rough! What I really wanted to do was to name them all — but that seemed to defeat the purpose of listing the TOP chosen few.

I tried — I really did — and I still didn’t get everyone on the list that I hoped to!

So… without further adieu.

Here’s my personal list of the TOP TWENTY-FIVE AUTHORS for 2019:

   Jennifer Beckstrand    Vannetta Chapman    Valerie Comer    Rachel L. Miller

   Dana Mentink    JC Morrows    Macy Morrows    Tricia Goyer    Ruth Logan Herne

   Jean C. Gordon    Barbara Cameron    Suzanne Woods Fisher    Charlotte Hubbard 

   Ruth Reid    Shelley Shepard Gray    Molly Jebber    Kathy Fuller    Kelly Irvin

   Lilian Jackson Braun    Emma Miller   Amos Wyse    Laura J. Marshall    

   Grace Livingston Hill    Philip Gulley    Jan Karon


God bless you!


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Arms of Mercy | Ruth Reid


Today I am reviewing Arms of Mercy, the second novel in the Amish Mercies series by Ruth Reid.

Here is a brief synopsis:

He lost her once to a rash decision.

He will not lose her again.

On the eve of a new year, Catherine Glick is expecting her bu of five years to propose. Instead, the unexpected arrival of an old boyfriend, Elijah, sends her life spiraling out of control.

When a rash decision damages her current relationship, Catherine leaves for Florida to work in her cousin’s bakery—anything to flee the source of her shame.

Elijah Graber knows he hurt Catherine when he left their Amish district six years ago. He’s determined to explain his actions, even if it means following her to Florida. Perhaps their two-day bus trip together will provide enough time for him to make his case and win her back.

Just when Elijah is starting to tear down the walls Catherine has built, their bus skids on an icy road—and amid the mayhem and tragedy that follow, Catherine disappears. Elijah’s friends urge him to prepare for the worst, but Elijah holds on to his hope in God and refuses to give up his search for Catherine. With supernatural nudging from the most unexpected places, Elijah sets out to find the love he once lost—no matter the cost.




Ruth Reid has been a favorite Amish fiction author of mine since I picked up her first book and Arms of Mercy didn’t disappoint. . . on the contrary, it has become one of my favorite books!

Catherine Glick runs away from home when she makes a rash decision. Elijah Graber, her old boyfriend who recently returned to their community, feels he must follow her if he ever has hope of winning her back. I found myself caught up in their story, determined not to put it down until the very end.

The characters are lifelike and entertaining and the story definitely held my interest. If you enjoy Amish fiction, you’ll enjoy Arms of Mercy.  If you enjoy reading about miracles from above, I encourage you to pick up a copy of Arms of Mercy today, because you’re gonna love this story!

Happy Reading!



Review © 2018 DJ Mynatt

A Dream of Miracles | Ruth Reid


Today I am reviewing A Dream of Miracles, an Amish Wonders novel, by Ruth Reid.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Amish widow Mattie vows never to love again… until a suspicious outsider with a shadowy past comes crashing into her fragile world.

Mattie Diener can barely keep it together. A young Amish widow and mother of two young children, she faces the lingering heartbreak of lost love, her son’s mysterious illness, and a torrent of accusations that threaten to undo her.

Bo Lambright is a fast-rising social services investigator whose high-society mother won’t rest until she finds his Mrs. Right.

Despite Bo’s worldly success, the raw ache of a shadowy past and a series of unsettling dreams have left him reeling.

When Mattie and Bo cross paths, all signs point to disaster. Yet as they face a crucible of trials and tragedies together, longings begin to stir that seem destined only to end in more heartbreak. Is a miracle possible not only of healing but of forbidden love?

What secrets lie in Bo’s dreams? And will Mattie find the courage to face her uncertain future… or will she simply run away?”



Ruth Reid is one of my favorite authors, and I am never disappointed when I read her novels!

Mattie Diener is in over her head when she takes her son to the doctor . . . a doctor who suspects the mother is a danger to her child. Anyone who watches the news, knows it is a very good thing when social services gets involved in a possible child endangerment issue — unless the mother is innocent.

Let me assure you — the story gets more and more involved. And it’s a really great story!

But if I say any more, I’ll be giving away too much. So I’m leaving it up to you . . . just read it. You do NOT want to miss this story. Ruth Reid writes about miracles in a wonderous way!

Don’t wait another minute. Get your copy today… you’re gonna love it!!!

Happy Reading!


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God Bless You!

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I received a copy of this book from Litfuse in exchange for an honest review.






Today I have the very difficult task of listing my favorite books of 2015…

Of course, I have hundreds of favorite books . . . but this year, in this post, I’m only mentioning 70 favorite books that I’ve read and reviewed on my book blog this year… a modest 1/3 of the 200+ books I reviewed.

And now… here are the 70 books!

A Cunning Masquerade – JC Morrows
A Little Bit of Charm – Mary Ellis
A Perilous Assignment – JC  Morrows
A Plain Man – Mary Ellis
A Reluctant Assassin – JC Morrows
A Town Called Christmas – Ruth Logan Herne
A Treacherous Decision – JC Morrows
A Widow’s Hope – Mary Ellis
Abby Finds Her Calling – Naomi King
Always His Providence – Ruth Reid
Always In My Heart – Mary Ellis
Amanda Weds a Good Man – Naomi King
An Amish Family Reunion – Mary Ellis
An Angel By Her Side – Ruth Reid
Andi Unstoppable – Amanda Flower
Anna’s Healing – Vannetta Chapman
Appalachian Serenade – Sarah Loudin Thomas
Autumn Winds – Charlotte Hubbard
Breath of Spring – Charlotte Hubbard
Brian’s Choice – Vannetta Chapman
Brush of Angel’s Wings – Ruth Reid
Dandelion Moon – Hannah Alexander
Dandelions For Dinner – Valerie Comer
Dangerous Tidings – Dana Mentink
Emma Blooms at Last – Naomi King
Falling For the Lawman – Ruth Logan Herne
Hallowed Halls – Hannah Alexander
Harvest of Blessings – Charlotte Hubbard
Hazardous Homecoming – Dana Mentink
His Mistletoe Family – Ruth Logan Herne
Holiday Homecoming – Jean C Gordon
Huckleberry Harvest – Jennifer Beckstrand
Letters From Grace – Rachel D Muller
Living in Harmony – Mary Ellis
Longing For a Miracle – Ruth Logan Herne
Love Comes Calling – Deborah M Piccurelli
Love Comes to Paradise – Mary Ellis
Maggie’s Mission – Rachel D Muller
Miracle in a Dry Season – Sarah Loudin Thomas
Murder Freshly Baked – Vannetta Chapman
Never Far From Home – Mary Ellis
Out Of the Ashes – Sandi Rog
Plum Upside Down – Valerie Comer
Protected – Vannetta Chapman
Raspberries and Vinegar – Valerie Comer
Return to Pelican Inn – Dana Mentink
Romance By Design- Donna Reimel Robinson
Romance in Recovery – Donna Reimel Robinson
Rosemary Opens Her Heart – Naomi King
Sailing in Style – Dana Mentink
Sarah’s Christmas Miracle – Mary Ellis
Secret Refuge – Dana Mentink
Summer of Secrets – Charlotte Hubbard
Sweetened With Honey – Valerie Comer
The Birdhouse – Laura V Hilton
The Captive Maiden – Melanie Dickerson
The Christmas Cradle – Charlotte Hubbard
The Fairest Beauty – Melanie Dickerson
The God of All Tomorrows – Donna Reimel Robinson
The Healer’s Apprentice – Melanie Dickerson
The Lawman’s Holiday Wish – Ruth Logan Herne
The Postcard – Laura V Hilton
The Princess Spy – Melanie Dickerson
The Promise of An Angel – Ruth Reid
The Snow Globe – Laura V Hilton
The Way To a Man’s Heart – Mary Ellis
Where Hope Starts – Angela D Meyer
Wild Mint Tea – Valerie Comer
Winter of Wishes – Charlotte Hubbard
You CAN Write 50,000 Words in 30 Days – DJ Mynatt


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Happy Reading!!!



Review © 2015 DJ Mynatt





Today I have the very difficult task of listing my favorite authors from 2015…

Of course, I have other favorite authors . . . many others . . . but this year, in this post, I’m only mentioning 20 favorite authors, whose books I’ve read and reviewed on my book blog this year…

And now… here are the 20 authors (listed alphabetically)!

Amanda Flower
Amy Clipston
Charlotte Hubbard
Cindy Woodsmall
Dana Mentink
Donna Reimel Robinson
Elizabeth Byler Younts
JC Morrows
Jean C Gordon
Jennifer Beckstrand
Laura V Hilton
Melanie Dickerson
Naomi King
Rachel Muller
Ruth Logan Herne
Ruth Reid
Sarah Loudon Thomas
Shelley Shepard Gray
Valerie Comer
Vannetta Chapman


Donna’s BookShelf . . . 20 favorite authors of 2015! Who are your favorites? Tweet this!




Happy Reading!!!



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Christmas: An Amish Second Christmas | Wiseman/Fuller/Reid/Goyer


Today I’m reviewing An Amish Second Christmas by some of my favorite authors. . . Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, Ruth Reid and Tricia Goyer.

Here is the brief synopsis:

When Christmas Comes Again by Beth Wiseman

Katherine Zook and her four children are facing their first Christmas without a loved one, and the future seems dim.But when a mysterious “Englisch” man begins to show up in the most unlikely of places, Katherine can t help but be suspicious . . . and a bit curious.

Her Christmas Pen Pal by Ruth Reid

WhenJoy Stolzfus s boyfriend tells her he wants to court other women, she s shocked.She pours her heart out in a letter, butit mistakenly reaches Noah Esh. The two begin writing letters back and forth, but a misunderstanding threatens to topple the relationship they re building.

A Gift for Anne Marie by Kathleen Fuller

Anne Marie Smucker s life is pretty perfect. Until she discovers her widowed mother is getting married and they re all moving. On top of that, Anne Marie s relationship with her friend Nathaniel has changed, and she s more confused than ever about her feelings for him.

The Christmas Aprons by Tricia Goyer

Esther Glick bakes a Christmas pie for a fundraiser, and she soon finds herself sitting across from bachelor Ammon Schwartz. Esther receives many orders for pies, but when she breaks her wrist, she discovers what community and love are all about.”


An Amish Second Christmas . . . check out these 4 heartwarming stories!Tweet this!



WOW!… I don’t think I can do these authors justice… they’re truly amazing!

Celebrate an Amish Second Christmas… this is a treasured, lighthearted time of community, with four Amish romances!

Each story in this book is a wonderful look at how the Amish celebrate Christmas… and even more important, how they celebrate Second Christmas.

Beth Wiseman wrote a very different kind of story than I was expecting; although unexpected, it was intriguing and entertaining and definitely worth your time!

Kathleen Fuller wrote a wonderful story about love and how we should deal with the boundaries – a very pertinent subject matter.

Tricia Goyer wrote another wonderful story of the Kootenai Amish; I have read (and I own) her others; I’ve enjoyed them thoroughly and knew this one would be great! It’s always fun to read about those sneaky bachelors and the women they seek to win!

Ruth Reid wrote a wonderful story… I totally loved Noah! What a sweetheart! I was relieved when Joy learned to stand up for herself and that her brother-in-law finally listened to her. I’m hoping this story is just the beginning of a series, because I can’t wait to read more!

I was amazed at how easily I went from story to story… nothing clashed; it was a delightful read and I’m hoping to find a few more to help me celebrate the coming holidays!

If you’re looking for a great Christmas read… pick up a copy of An Amish Second Christmas… it’s not too late!

Merry Christmas!



Review © 2015 DJ Mynatt

An Amish Christmas Gift | Amy Clipston, Ruth Reid, Kelly Irvin


Today I am reviewing An Amish Christmas Gift, three Amish novellas, by Amy Clipston, Ruth Reid, and Kelly Irvin.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Naomi’s Gift by Amy Clipston

Naomi has started to think that she isn’t meant to find love, but she might receive more than she ever hoped for this Christmas.

Twenty-four-year-old Naomi King, who has been burned twice by love, has all but given up on marriage and children. As Christmas approaches a time of family, faith, and hope for many others Naomi is more certain than ever her life will be spent as an old maid, helping with the family s quilting business and taking care of her eight siblings. Then she meets Caleb, a young widower with a 7-year-old daughter, and her world is once again turned upside-down.

An Unexpected Joy by Ruth Reid

Abigail has driven other suitors away, but can Micah find a way to show her he cares?

Abigail Kemp has managed to frighten off every bu who s ever driven her home from a singing. Sure she will live to be an old maid, Abigail starts saving her money to buy a horse so she can at least have some independence.

Micah Zook is looking for a caregiver for his grandmother, and Abigail needs a new job. He never expected that Abigail would talk so much . . . or that his grandmother would keep finding ways to set the two of them up.

Despite Abigail s constant chatter, she and Micah become friends until Micah makes a decision that leaves Abigail feeling betrayed. With Christmas in their midst, can Micah find a way to reconcile with Abigail and to reveal what s on his heart?

A Christmas Visitor by Kelly Irvin

Frannie Mast returns to Bee County for Christmas, but her heart stays back in Missouri with an Englisch farm boy.

Frannie knows her parents have the best of intentions when they send her back to Bee County, Texas, to live with her aunt Abigail and her husband Mordecai. After all, she knows nothing can come of a relationship with Rocky, the handsome but Englisch farmer boy back in Missouri. It’s best to put those feelings aside, no matter how hard it is. But all bets are off when Rocky follows Frannie to Texas to plead his case. Could he be the Christmas gift to end all gifts?”

3 wonderful stories of CHRISTMAS… Stories that celebrate God’s Greatest Gift Tweet this!


Naomi’s Gift by Amy Clipston

If you’ve read Amy’s books, you’ve met Naomi…who has done everything to try to gain a boyfriend (or husband) but it never works out… finally she stops trying altogether!
And then she meets Caleb. I like Naomi so much in Naomi’s Gift… and when Caleb and Susie begin to care for her, I cheered!

If you’re like me, you expect this story to have a happy ending – after all, it’s about Christmas! I won’t spoil it for you, but there are a few twists and turns!

An Unexpected Joy by Ruth Reid

WOW! I picked up this story and COULD NOT put it down! Abby and Micah continually rub each other the wrong way. I loved it!

Abigail is certain she’s not destined for love or marriage. She has an idea that she can gain some independence at least and make some sort of happiness for herself with her own horse.

Like every other guy in the district, Micah has no patience for Abigail’s endless babbling… I could say more, but I just can’t spoil it for you! Just trust me. Read it!

A Christmas Visitor by Kelly Irvin

Frannie Mast returns to Bee County for Christmas – with some tough decisions ahead of her. And like most Amish stories, her well-meaning, but interfering family do everything they can make sure Frannie makes the right choices – the right decisions (well, what they consider the right decisions).

I’d rather be reading about a cold, snowy Christmas, but this story takes place in the blazing heat of Texas… Frannie would rather be in Missouri, until she gets a visitor…

Now you know I can’t say anymore, but read it… you’re gonna love it!

Read them… Read them all… YOU’LL LOVE THEM!

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God bless you!

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An Amish Miracle | Mary Ellis, Ruth Reid, Beth Wiseman

Today I’m reviewing An Amish Miracle, by three of my favorite Amish authors… Mary Ellis, Ruth Reid, and Beth Wiseman.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Always in My Heart by Mary Ellis

Hope Bowman believes God is punishing her for giving up her firstborn son when she was a teenager. She’s hidden this secret from her husband, who is thankful for their daughters but longs for a son. Hope prays desperately, but the son God sends her isn’t a new baby but the fifteen-year-old boy she gave up years ago.

Always His Providence by Ruth Reid

Widow Rosa Hostetler has one month to pay her delinquent taxes before the county auctions her farm. She’s prepared to sell whatever is necessary to pay the lien, but she isn’t willing to request money from the community s widow fund. She s embarrassed and refuses to admit she needs help. Rosa depends on income from selling eggs, but when that income is threatened, only a miracle can help Rosa accept the kindness of a neighbor.

Always Beautiful by Beth Wiseman

Becky Byler is eighteen and overweight. She is overwhelmed by the embarrassment she feels when comparing herself to other girls her age. Having lost all hope, she considers taking her own life. As she stands before rushing water, unable to swim, Becky begs God for a miracle. In just several months, Becky sees her prayers answered as food and temptation lose their hold over her. She’s finally pleased with how she looks, but does she like the person she has become? And has the man she has dreamed of been right beside her all along, loving her exactly as she is?

An Amish Miracle is a book of amazing miracles… read it today! Tweet this!


I love it when three stories are connected… it’s like one long story.

Always In My Heart is the first novella and is by Mary Ellis… this story is about teenage adoption and it is such a wonderful story; I cried along with Hope as she shared her feelings about losing her son and believing that God was punishing her.

Hope Bowman has lived with a mistake for more than fifteen years… it wasn’t difficult to feel her pain, especially her feeling that she’s being punished because of her past. Although her parents made the choice – so it was really their mistake – and she wasn’t given a choice, she has always felt responsible for giving up her child.

Honestly, I could NOT stop until I had read the entire story. Always in My Heart is a GREAT Story! When you begin reading, you will begin wondering if things will ever work out, and if so, how it could all work out for everyone; I don’t want to give anything away, so I won’t say anymore – you can read it for yourself, but be assured that Mary Ellis does a superb job of bringing it all together in a fabulous story!

Always His Providence is the second novella and is by Ruth Reid. This story is about Hope’s best friend Rosa, who has a little problem with pride… not something unheard of – even among the Amish. Although she is committed to being Amish, Rosa’s pride may just cause her to lose her farm!

If you follow my blog, you’ve already figured out that I’m thinking “shame on you, Rosa. Just ask for help!” Poor thing, she’s wallowing in fear, but she’s determined that she’s going to go it alone! I didn’t think the story of a lonely widow would appeal to me much but it really did. It was amazing.

First one thing, then another, comes along to derail Rosa’s plans to save her farm. I won’t say any more, so that I don’t run all the wonderful surprises you’ll find in this amazing story! If you enjoy reading a story with lots of surprises, you’ll love Always His Providence!

Always Beautiful is the third (and last) novella, and is by Beth Wiseman. We’ve been reading about Becky Byler during the previous stories, but this story is just about Becky! After wishing she could lose weight for much of her life, she finally loses all the extra pounds she desires to lose… but does it make her happy?

Well, she thinks it does – at first.

I would never have imagined that Amish girls would have to deal with weight issues. Who could have guessed? And even if they did, would pride or self-image really matter to them? After all, wouldn’t they care less about the outward appearance and more about good character qualities?

But… maybe even young Amish men and women get caught up in appearance. Beth Wiseman writes a beautiful story. I found myself feeling Becky’s pain, and yet, I could feel the pain of other characters as well and it was enlightening and heart-breaking as well.

This story shows us that sometimes… even if God’s answer is yes, it’s not always the best thing for us.

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You can read more reviews and more about the book… HERE

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You can find more about Ruth Reid on her website… HERE

You can find more about Beth Wiseman on her website… HERE


God bless you!


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Always In My Heart | Mary Ellis Marathon

Today I’m reviewing Always In My Heart, the first novella in the anthology An Amish Miracle, by the miraculous  Mary Ellis.

Here is a brief synopsis:
Hope Bowman believes God is punishing her for giving up her firstborn son when she was a teenager.

She’s hidden this secret from her husband, who is thankful for their daughters but longs for a son.

Hope prays desperately, but the son God sends her isn’t a new baby but the fifteen-year-old boy she gave up years ago.


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Mary Ellis excels at writing about interesting characters and intriguing settings!

Hope Bowman has lived with a mistake for more than fifteen years… it wasn’t difficult to feel her pain, especially her feeling that she’s being punished because of her past. Although her parents made the choice — so it was really their mistake — and she wasn’t given a choice, she has always felt responsible for giving up her child.

I actually read this story last month when I was preparing to read another novella in An Amish Miracle. Once I realized that the stories were connected, I decided to read all three stories in order — always the best choice to make.

Honestly, I could NOT stop until I had read the entire story!

Always in My Heart is a GREAT Story! When you begin reading, you will begin wondering if things will ever work out, and if so, how it could all work out for everyone; I don’t want to give anything away, so I won’t say anymore — you can read it for yourself, but be assured that Mary Ellis does a superb job of bringing it all together in a fabulous story!


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God bless you!


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GRAND PRIZE WINNER | Ruth Reid Marathon


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It’s time to announce the GRAND PRIZE WINNER


So, without further adieu…

Our GRAND PRIZE Winner – who wins three books of her choice…


Kristina K


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Please keep coming back to read my reviews and share your thoughts!

There will be more chances to win next month!

God bless you!


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