Holly’s Gift | Josie Riviera



Today I am reviewing Holly’s Gift by Josie Riviera. This is the fifth book in the Small-Town Christmas Wishes series…

And here is a brief synopsis:

Miracles don’t always come easy. Sometimes it takes a secret wish to light an angel’s way.

When Holly steps into a homeless shelter looking for an MIA piano student, she notices a distinct lack of Christmas cheer—because a handsome building inspector is forcing the shelter to temporarily close down.

Holly knows bad guys—she was married to one. Yet when the man asks her out, she finds absolutely not warring with absolutely yes.

Tim Stewart doesn’t hold his breath waiting for God to answer prayers. He went from homeless desperation to television stardom to relative obscurity while God stayed silent. But when Holly barrels into his life, her steady faith sparks hope for a dream of his own. Even if it means praying for a Christmas miracle—one last time.

Remembered sadness is the stepping stone to tomorrow’s joy.



What a wonderful story! My favorite musical instrument is the piano, and I was especially eager to read this story about Holly and the young girl who’s taking piano lessons with her. When Jasmine doesn’t show up — for the second time — Holly drives to Snowflake in search of her…

What happens next is … well, I won’t spoil the story for you, so I can’t say what happens, but I could NOT put this book down until the very end. And I can’t wait to read more by this author!

In the meantime, run… don’t walk… to your favorite book distributor and get a copy today!

Happy Reading!

… and Merry Christmas!


Review © 2019 DJ Mynatt


Sara’s Gift | Kimberly Rose Johnson



Today I am reviewing Sara’s Gift by Kimberly Rose Johnson. This is the fourth book in the Small-Town Christmas Wishes series…

And here is a brief synopsis:

Christmas is the season of giving, but Sara isn’t sure she is up to the task.

Playing secret angel in high school was fun, and now, years later, Sara has the opportunity to do it once more on a bigger scale. She enlists the help of Gabe, her long-time best friend, to come up with a deserving recipient. But something is off with Gabe—he’s more attentive than usual.

The Christmas season has put Gabe in a reflective mood. His evaluation of his life has left him lonely and wanting more. But can his heart have its desire? That’s up to Sara.

Can these two long-time best friends navigate their changing relationship, or will the romance Grinch steal their Christmas joy?



Sara gets much more than she plans for when she plays secret angel to a young girl and her family. When she and a friend go out of their way to discover the best way to help this family, they receive a big a blessing as the family!

I especially identified with Sara, who owns a store and does workshops for wreath-making and other fun projects. I loved this heart-warming Christmas story of love and generosity.

And if you’re curious enough to read this story, you’ll find out what happens … and I’m certain you’ll enjoy it as much as I have! So hurry out and get a copy and start reading!

Happy Reading!

… and Merry Christmas!


Review © 2019 DJ Mynatt

Nate’s Gift | Jackie Castle



Today I am reviewing Nate’s Gift by Jackie Castle. This is the third book in the Small-Town Christmas Wishes series.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Nate Cooper has lost his heart for his job and the holidays.

After the death of a dear high school friend, Charity Hart, he’s called into the lawyer’s office, along with several other old school buddies and given a challenge. Take the $1500 and find someone to bless, but they must keep their gift a secret. After thinking over the challenge, Nate can find only one person who has a great need, except she’s an annoying thorn in his side at the school where he works.

Kara Shay is on the verge of losing everything she holds dear. Her drama class, a job she adores, and her chance at making a difference in the lives of the high schoolers she mentors and teaches. But Kara will not go down without a fight, and has a few resources up her sleeve, if only that annoying band teacher, Mr. Cooper, would give a little and stop being so obstinate.

Nate means well, but he has always taken the safer paths in his life. But helping the drama teacher is leading his heart into very unsafe territory.



Oh my goodness!! It’s impossible to choose which of these stories I like more … every story is such a wonderful Christmas blessing to read. I have to admit I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy this one as much as the others, since the main character is a man, but once again I found myself reading all the way to the end before I could put it down.

This is a great story of two people who remind me of the choices we make in life. Nate is a person who took the safe road, instead of the road he wanted to take. Getting to know Kara, plus the personal note from Charity, helps Nate to find his joy again. Awesome story! Awesome characters!

Don’t miss out on these amazing stories! Get your copies today…

Happy Reading!

… and Merry Christmas!


Review © 2019 DJ Mynatt

Caro’s Gift | Jean C. Gordon



Today I am reviewing Caro’s Gift by Jean C. Gordon. This is the second book in the Small-Town Christmas Wishes series…

And here is a brief synopsis:

Friendship, memories and wishes are powerful things and in the small town of Snowflake, Colorado they combine to form a memorial to a lost friend. Following her death, Charity Hart left six of her close high school friends, including Caro Price, fifteen hundred dollars each and an assignment to use that money to grant someone else’s secret wish by Christmas.

Temporarily back in Snowflake to help her beloved grandmother recover from an illness, nurse practitioner Caro is on the hunt for a recipient for her secret angel gift. A chance encounter in a specialty store focuses Caro’s interest on a red-headed little girl fascinated by a nativity scene.

Caro’s grandmother has matchmaking on her mind as she pushes Caro and her neighbor, Simon Novak, together. It turns out that Simon coaches the little redhead’s older brother at the high school. With Simon’s help, Caro tries to learn more about the family and it quickly becomes apparent that the widowed mother and her two children are struggling financially. But is there more going on than meets the eye, for Caro sees flashes of fear in their eyes.



What an amazing Christmas story!

Once Caro meets Hope and her family, she knows they are the perfect family to play secret angel to. But she has no idea that danger is just around the corner. Thankfully, she and Simon are spending a lot of time together. He’s the perfect man to have around… and when you read this story, you’ll see why.

I loved how Caro and Simon’s relationship develops — and how they use what they’ve learned from the past to work out their current problems. Don’t miss out on this wonderful story.

Happy Reading!

… and Merry Christmas!


Review © 2019 DJ Mynatt

Mia’s Gift | Cindy Flores Martinez



Today I am reviewing Mia’s Gift by Cindy Flores Martinez. This is the first book in the Small-Town Christmas Wishes series…

And here is a brief synopsis:

Mia Rosa is thinking of leaving Snowflake, Colorado for good. Her cupcake shop on Main Street isn’t doing well, and seeing her ex-fiancé around town is awkward.

When she receives a letter from her old high school friend, Charity Hart, asking her to be a secret angel, she’s convinced that she can’t go through with it. But Mia soon learns that handsome Jesse Quinn and his fifteen-year-old niece, Kristi, are in desperate need of a miracle.

The group home where Kristi lives is shutting down, and no other foster homes are available in Snowflake. Will Mia be able to secretly grant Jesse and Kristi’s wish for Kristi to stay in the town she calls home?



This is such an awesome story! I love the characters in this story! Mia’s shop is across the street from one of those people who are almost impossible to like… they’re rude, bossy, pushy, and hard to avoid. Sheila owns Sheila’s Gourmet Chocolates, a store that is usually overflowing with customers, while Mia’s shop, Cupcakes on Main, is sadly lacking customers. If things don’t change Mia may have to give up her business.

Have I peaked your interest? I hope so… this story was so entertaining I didn’t stop reading until I reached the end. If you enjoy stories about Christmas … or being a secret angel … don’t miss out on this wonderful story.

Happy Reading!

… and Merry Christmas!


Review © 2019 DJ Mynatt

October 2019 Feature | Small-Town Christmas Wishes


I am excited to feature a new Christmas series…

Small-Town Christmas Wishes

on my bookshelf blog this month



Welcome to Snowflake, Colorado — a small town where wishes come true!

When six old high school friends receive a letter that their fellow friend, Charity Hart, wrote before she passed away, their lives take an unexpected turn. She leaves them each a check for $1,500 and asks them to grant a wish — a secret wish — for someone else by Christmas.
And she wants it to be special.

The request sounds simple.
After all, they were secret angels in high school together. That’s why Charity chose them. But the friends soon discover that it isn’t as easy as it seems. With the clock ticking,will they make it happen in time?

Join Mia, Caro, Nate, Sara, Holly and Taye as they travel down the road
to making a wish come true — and take a detour that leads to finding love.

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For a chance to win,

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